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Written at 3:45 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 26, 2009

Where do I start? This has been an interesting past couple of say the least.

I am officially in Maryland now. I flew in Wednesday night on the red eye. Cats and all. Which was very interesting trsavelling with them. They were actually very good little flyers. One was so quiet that you wouldnt have even known that she was there. The other one was wimpering intermittenly. The guy behind me got up after we landed and said that he thought that he had heard a cat but thought it was just the 5 am time getting to him.

So Mike came all the way to Virginia to pick us all up. He took me back to my new apartment to get the keys and wait for my family. It is the cutest little apartment in the world. It is so in the middle of nowhere. That aside from my family being here, all that there is to do here is kick rocks around. I hear nothing. And its friggin' freezing here.

My furniture and car finally made it here yesterday. I was so happy to have MY things around me. It brought a comforting feeling that I just didnt have in an empty cold apartment. So I've just been going through boxes and unpacking things. I havent quite found the phone yet.

Yesterday I had a new friend over to hang out and spend some time with. He seems very nice and it is always nice to have someone near by. I am so not telling tall tales when I say that I am in the middle of NOWHERE here. But its been what I needed to get my head straight. My attitude has definately changed alot. I dont feel bitter and angry anymore. I am definately alot more happier being out here.

My family. OMG! They have been awesome. They have helped me out with EVERYTHING I could possibly need out here. I am forever grateful for their help. There were 11 people here yesterday helping get the furniture in and everything set up. It was amazing that everyone came all the way out in the boonies to help me out. I never knew that I had this much support available to me. Never in a trillion years.

Today I finally had someone come out for cable, phone and internet. There was a guy out here disconnecting the previous tennts cable and we were talking. He made a few remrks...asking if I had a husband or boyfriend...and if I wanted one. I politely told him that I am doing the single thing for a while. Now, later on when the other two guys came out, I was talking with them. The one guy kept saying that I must have come all this way just to meet him. He asked me for my number and gave me his. He was definately more my type.

I have totally given up on Tom. I'm over it. We arent teenagers anymore and our time has passed. He's definately not the same guy that I grew up with. Not even close. But he's screwed me over three times now...bad trash has got to go. I am working from a clean start here. New friends, new faces. I dont need people like him in my life.

Its a total new beginning. It all starts here from this point.

Oh, I forgot to mention...I almost had a coronary when I woke up and saw that it was snowing. Eeek!