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Written at 12:54 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 30, 2009

And on the 7th day, God said "Let Tracey find the box that has EVERYTHING that she is looking for." The stars have all aligned for me today, I think.

I managed to find that box that I have been trying to find. The one with the cordless phones (because a stationary one just doesnt work for me)...and the coffee maker (I thought I was going to die without a cup of coffee). So I am sitting here in all my glory loving every sip of this coffee. I have been here a week and hadnt had one cup of coffee the entire time. And its freak'n cold and a coffee would have helped several times.

So I am still here getting boxes unpacked and things put away. My aunt came by today to get the cushions from my dining room chairs so that she can reupholster them for me and to hang a blind on my front door so I am not on show for anyone driving by. Not that anyone ever does...but when someone did it totally freaked me out. But yeah, noone really travels this far off the main road. My best comparison is Runaway Bride to compare the area...which was supposed to take place in Maryland. Rural is definately the word used to describe this place. I grew up in a very suburban area of Baltimore County. So it makes me continue to feel a little out of my element. But I enjoy it very much. Its very quiet and peaceful.

Tomorrow my aunt and my cousin are coming down here. My aunt is going to be putting the cushions back on my chairs and fixing the wall that took a mark or two today. My cousin is going to be picking up my car to take back to his shop to install a new radiator in it. A major necessity for 10 degree weather. I think its funny. I say ray-dee-ay-tor...but everyone in the area says rah-dee-ay-tor. I love it here...but I hope and pray that I will never lose my California accent and talk like the people here. Even where I grew up, about 30 mins from here, we did not talk like the people here. When I tell someone where I live, they call it "Corn County".

I have met some really nice guys out here.

Mike, who picked me up from the airport in Virginia, is a very nice guy. He knew that my car needed some work on it, so he gave me his Blazer to borrow in the meantime. He keeps making little remarks about "us" and I'm not sure what to do with that. I really do like his kids alot. His son came over yesterday with him and we played cards. His son is 17. I think that the part that I dont understand about Mike is his sense of humor. He seems to think that he's really funny, but he's not. Maybe by "Corn County" standards he is, but I end up just looking at him with a "WTF" stare.

Then there's Tim. Not to be confused with Tom. Tim is an awesome guy. I really clicked with him. He is so incredibly nice to me. He texts me every day to let me know what time he is getting off work and if I need anything he can get it for me after work. He is amazingly hot...very much my type...BUT...(and y'all knew there was a but)...he has a slight tooth thing. Okay, a little bit more than slight. Becca and I used to always joke about having a two-tooth minimum. I think he has exactly that...two. Which I am not sure how that sits with me yet. Like I said, he is smoking hot.

Cory. Oh yes, Cory. What to say about Cory? He, too, has it going on in the looks department. Just wish he had it in the age department also. I have never been shy about my age. I am 33 years old. I like my age and am not embarrassed of the thirty-anything anymore. I used to be. It never dawned on me to ask him his age before I gave him my phone number. He is only 23. That is 10 years younger than me for those of you who arent that sharp at Math. 10 years! And when I told him that he makes me feel like Mrs. Robinson, he gave me the "WTF" stare. Perhaps it was just a little before his time. After all, I was a year away from middle school when he was born. And when he calls me and I answer, he says "Hey, mama" which really makes me feel cougar-like. I have never dated a 23 year old. Not even when I was 23. When I was 23, I was already 3 years into my realtionship with a man who was 15 years older than me. I feel old! That mixed with the fact that he called and wants to come over tonight with a few beers makes me feel lifetimes away from high school.

I guess its slim-pickin's here in the boonies. Leivy is convinced that I will find the cowboy of my dreams out here. I am putting this out there now...I am not riding a tractor to the town hall for square dance night. Not happening.