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Sending out an S.O.S...
Written at 7:16 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 02, 2009

I am slowly starting to reakize that maybe my attitude isnt changing all that much. Or that I really cannot deal with simple-minded people as well as I thought I could. If that is true, I just might be in school for the wrong career.

I have NEVER been an overly tidy person. I would keep my apartments "ok" for the most part, but would always have to tidy up before anyone came over. Here though, my family comes over alot and one of the "Three Stooges" (meaning Mike, Tim or Cory) is generally here. So I am uber-tidy here. Besides, I have a cute little place here and I take pride in it being clean and presentable all of the time. I dont think that makes me a horrible, freak of a person.

Well, yesterday Mike came over. Let me set the stage here...there is my front door where the doorbell is...then you walk immediately in to my mudroom...that takes you to a sliding glass door that leads you into my apartment. Well, there is a mat at both doors for people. Being as there is a mat at both doors, why the *&@$ would anyone walk over both mats, to the inside of my apartment, and wipe their dirty @$$ feet on my carpet. I am thinking because they apparently have a deathwish. You just dont do that. And I admit, we were close to a nuclear meltdown after he did that. WTF? I just didnt understand why someone would do that unless a) they were never taught ettiquette and manners from their parents or b) they just didnt care either way. Maybe its just the backwoods Bubba Gump mentality of being from here. In a different conversation with another person about something totally unrelated, this person said, "Maybe you can learn me." No, buttercup...I cant learn you...but maybe I can teach you. I really need some girlfriends here...badly.

I think I am getting overly stressed out as of late. Friday night I was filling out an online application for the local hospital and they asked for my driver's license number and expiration and all that. Upon closer look at my driver's license, I see it expired...4 months ago! Which of course Matt thinks is funny..."How can you not know when your license expires...its your birthday." I didnt know it was 2008. So now I have all of that to figure out. I just know that I am going to have to take the eye test, written test and driving test all over again. I just know it. And I hate the thought of being stuck out here without a way out. Makes me a very sad girl.

My cousin ended up not being able to fix my car this past weekend. Honestly, when I get a license and get my car fixed...I am going to need to get out of here for a little while. Its a must.