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Written at 7:02 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 06, 2009

I have been having so much fun. I mean, really good laugh my @$$ of kind of fun.

I met a new guy, a Mike also. He came over Wednesday and we had so much fun. He's perfect for me. He's perfect to me. When he came over, he brought a nice dinner for us and a bottle of wine. I had more wine than I did dinner.

He was here for a while. At one point he mumbled something, that I clearly heard, and I kept asking him what he had said. He finally told me I can get used to this. I thought that was so sweet. He was definately not the guy you sat next to all night wondering if he likes you or not.

He shyly asked me if he could come over Sunday night...and stay the night. I said yes. We just really had so much fun. We definately clicked. He even texted me yesterday on my way to my doctor's appointment to say I hope your appointment goes well. I really thought that was sweet. He's just a really sweet guy. He's 6"4 and built like a freak'n linebacker. I get lost in his arms.

Today he called and we were talking. I asked if he was still planning on coming over Sunday. He took a long breath, which I didnt know how to read, and he said I was thinking I would come over today for a little while before work...and tomorrow. I thought that was sweet because he's not from "Corn County" so I know he's really going out of his way to come out here from Baltimore City.

He's so cute. He even sent a text a little while after he left tonight...Miss ya already. I am so crazy about him. I know that everything always looks like puppy dogs and rainbows in the beginning, but he's someone that I can really relate to. He's just a really easy-going, nice guy. He thinks that its crazy that he already feels so comfortable with me. At one point he even mentioned going to Florida with him in a couple of months for Orioles spring training. Now, normally a person who said that would be tooking at the back of my head as I ran full speed in the opposite direction. But I know that he doesnt have any alterior motives. He just really is that sincere guy who just feels lucky to be in your presence. I adore that about him. He's so big...but he's really soft and gentle.

No expectations of anything. I just want to be happy right now and have fun. And he makes me smile. Besides, he brought me some kick @$$ crab soup tonight. He's definately winning some awesome brownie points.