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Written at 11:33 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 09, 2009

I had an awesome weekend. It was just perfect.

Yesterday night, when he finally woke up we had dinner and watched a movie. He cooked a great chicken dinner with rice. He's a really good cook. Then we watched Shallow Hal. I couldnt believe that he's never seen that before.

So this morning, he made omelets and we watched What Dreams May Come. My all time favorite movie of all time. Then he took a shower and was getting ready to head out. After all, he's been here a lot over the past couple of days. I really enjoy his company.

After his shower we were sitting in my room as he was putting his shoes on. We were talking about the "thing" yesterday with the comment. I think I was the one who brought it up. I just told him again that I was sorry that I said it and I understand how important it is that I watch what I say. He thinks it didnt help with what he had said to stir it up a little and said that he would watch what he says too. He was saying that jealousy was one of the things that helped ruin his marriage. So I dont want to be that type of girl. I dont want to deal with any of those neurotic behaviors any more.

When I walked him to the door, I stood there as he was getting all of his stuff in the car. He said, Ok, baby...have a good day...I will call you later this afternoon. And for some totally unknown reason I replied, Ok baby...I love you. Yes, I did. And he said it back. But there was that voice in my head again the second the words passed through my lips...What did you just do...what is he going to think. But I remembered we were talking the other day and the "L" word came up. He mentioned that he had said it the other night on the phone to me and I must have been so tired that I forgot. I didnt forget. Really, I didnt.

Things are going really well with him right now and I just dont want to do anything to *$@% it up.

So we'll see...