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Written at 5:44 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2009

Another great day. I am really loving being here. I can barely remember how my life was back in California. Even though it was only a little less than a month ago, it feels like lifetimes ago. I am so far away from where I was back there that I sometimes dont recognize myself anymore.

Today I got a call from Janette. She's a woman that I started my infusion therapy with a couple of years ago. We started together and have always kept in touch to see how each other is progressing. She knew I had been thinking about moving to Maryland, but didnt know that I had actually did it. Yep, I did it. So we talked for a while and promised to keep in touch with phone calls and emails.

I was talking with her when Mike came in. He's always so curious about this disease. Normally the intrigue would worry me...but with him it doesnt. He asked me today if it bothered me that he asks about it. I told him that it doesnt bother me at all. I think he follows it more than I do. Earlier, we were on the phone and he mentioned coming over. We hung up and he called me a few minutes later. I cant come have your doctor's appointment today. I told him that it wasnt is tomorrow. He knows when all my appointments are and what's going on.

I am very excited about going there tomorrow. Its been long enough and my body can tell that its missing it. I feel sluggish and weak. Which is something that I dont like letting him see. He seems to not be bothered by any of it though. (crossing fingers) I told him today how much of a difference he will see in me after I get it.

Today was a milestone for us. He had my cooking...and it was tofu...and he liked it. I thought he was placating me by saying that he liked it. He even went back for seconds. His initial reaction with tofu was the same as everyone else's...EWWW! But he was willing to try it. He said it was so that when he told me later on that he didnt like it, he could actually say that he had tried it and honestly didnt like it. But he did.

Again he came up here today for a very short visit. I think its so cute that on days like today, when he has his son's soccer game, he will still make an effort to come up here and spend some time with me. Some is better than none he says. He was talking about coming up tomorrow and said that he wasnt going to because of my doctor's appointment. I said he can still come up and he asked me what time. I suggested that he take my other house key and can come up before I finish my appointment so that he was here when I got back. I thought that would scare him a little...but he just looked at me and said ok. So now he's got a key to my apartment.

I was sitting with him and my cat jumped up on his lap. For some reason he loves my cat. So my cat was sitting in his lap and he says I loves you, Leo. He always makes LOVE plural. Its cute. I told him it wasnt fair that he gets an "I loves you" and that I just get a "Loves you". I told him it wasnt fair because with Leo, its clear that he loves Leo...and when I get a "loves you" that it isnt clear who loves me. So tonight as he was leaving he said Loves you and walked out the door closing it behind him. Two seconds later he comes back in the door...I loves you.

He really makes me smile...big, cheesy smiles.