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Just let me have my fun tonight...a'ight!
Written at 5:52 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009

So, Tracey...what did you do this fine Valentine's day?

Well, Random Person asking...My man (?) finally got here at 2 in the afternoon. He surprised me with a nw microwave oven because my new apartment was lacking one. Then he got comfortable on the sofa while I took a shower. He told me he wanted to be up t 4 for a MD college basketball game. When I got out of the shower, I got my clothes on and got all pretty. I woke him up...for a second...then realized he was taking his ass back to sleep. So I finished gussying up and he was still asleep. So instead of being the bitch that I am so good at portraying, I cracked open my Grey Goose vodka and made myself a Cape Cod and decided that this was how my night was going to end my Goose. So here I am a few drinks in and feeling good. Oh, and did I mention that zleivy had called earlier...and he talked to "NewGuy" who just simply said "This is Tracey's friend, Mike". What does that mean? I also think I just singed my hair with a lighter. And my drink smells like a wet dog. Eww.

So back to the Mike thing. My friend, huh? I dont do the things I did with him with my friends. WTF?

I definately think I burned my hair. It really stinks in here. OMG! The bald look doesnt look very well on me.

So since he is sleeping, I am jut tslking to friends online.

The other day, I sent an email to "MrCuriousgeorge". I always promised him I'd let him know if I moved back to Maryland. I just dont know if he will get my email. I dont even know if its still his email address or not. We'll see. I would LOVE to talk to him.

So here I am on Valentines day...listening to some snoring...sitting here entertaining myself. Oh, and I almost just fell in the bathtub.

This is just the BESTEST Valentine's Day EVER!