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Written at 9:25 p.m. on Sunday, Mar. 01, 2009

I should really be working on my final paper for school that is due in a few days. I havent even started it. But I am here instead of working on it.

So this weekend was fun. "M" came over Saturday morning shortly before noon. He had gone straight to his son's game after work so I totally understood that he wanted to go to bed shortly after he got here. I had to meet my cousin, Ashley, a few hours later it was all good.

So I met Ashley at her house and then went to her hair salon to get my hair cut. It turned out so cute. Its definately shorter than I am used to or have had it on a long, long time. I got an A-line cut. Shorter in the back...longer in the front. Ashley jokes that its the in the front, business in the back. She's cute. So afterwards, we went to Target so she could get some stuff.

On our way back to her house I did my drive by in the old 'hood. Gawd, it was so strange to be there. I think as a kid, things just looked bigger because the entire neighborhood felt so small to me. I got sad, but nothing really came to the surface.

After that, I headed back home. "M" was still sleeping when I got there. I swear the man sleeps all but the 8 hours that he works in a day. Its okay with me though. I am the understanding girlfriend. (insert cheesy smile here)

When he finally did get up, we headed out for dinner. It was really good. Nice place too. after that we went to the mall to go see He's Just Not That In To You. Because I had joked once about the name of the movie and if there was something that he wanted to talk about, he went to the window and asked for She's Just Not That In To You. It was a nice night. We got out of the theater and was heading out to the car...and it was snowing. I 'm so over the weather out here. I was glad that I didnt drive like I initially wanted to. He is definately a more seasoned "Corn County" driver. He lives in the city, but he sure knows this place better than me.

Today I subjected him to my geekiness. We watched all three, or almost all three, Lord of the Rings movies. At first I didnt think he was that in to them. But he started asking me questions about the plot and the characters. Maybe he liked it...who knows.

I do know that it was nice to spend the majority of the weekend with him. He's so fun to hang out with. I laugh like non-stop when he's around. Everytime I spend time with him, I learn so much more about him. I'm still not as comfortable as I'd like to be with him...but I am getting there. I know I probably shouldnt be concerned by this, but noone has said the "L" word in a really long time. In fact, since we had that conversation that one night, I dont think its been said on either side. I'm going to let it be for now, but I'm going to keep my eyes, and ears, open for the time being. I know he's in to me since he shows it all the time. When we're sitting on the sofa, he'll put his arm up to let me know that's where I am supposed to sit...and he'll randomly kiss me on top of my head while we're sitting there. Or if we fall asleep with his arm around me, he will keep it there until he wakes up. The entire time during the movie, he was holding my hand and rubbing my palm with his thumb. He's so cute. So I probably dont legitimately have a reason to be concerned.

I really hope that I dont wake up to a bunch of snow outside. I really need to head to the grocery store to get food...and this girl isnt going out if there is any snow on the road. No way. I did find that there is one place that will deliver this far out here. A little hole in the wall place called Stubby's. Not sure how the food is though. We'll see. If the roads arent clear tomorrow, Stubby's it will be.

And that is my weekend.