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Take your cat, but leave my sweater...cuz we have nothing left to fact, I'll feel a whole lot better...but you'll think of me...
Written at 11:39 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 09, 2009

I give up...I am beyond the point of caring now.

I guess yesterday I made some Friends reference to "Big M". It was about the episode that Ross goes to the airport to tell Emily that he loves her...when he finds her and tells her, she just simply said Thank youy. So, "Big M" makes a big stink about it and tells me that he is going to come over tomorrow morning (this morning) to talk to me. When he gets here I find out he had left his key here yesterday as a sign of his discontent. So we're talking and he cant make up his mind about what he wants to he leaves and tells me he will call me later.

After all that, Tom just happened to call. We hung out for most of the day. I havent been feeling all that well lately and so he came over to, well, give me a deep tissue massage. I know that sounds crazy, but it was awesome.

While he was here, both Matt and "Big M" called. I talked to Matt for a few. With "Big M" I asked him again and he said that he didnt know...I asked him if he wanted me to make up his mind for him. I've got a get out of jail free card here with your name on it. So again he says that he will call later. I dont even care anymore. 12 hour ago I did but I am worn down from it all now.

So tomorrow I have two job interviews. One that I think will be good...the other I do not. So I will be up early to get ready for them. Hopefully at least one will work out. I really need to get a job. My money is starting to run a little low here. Besides benefits are always encouraged and welcome.

So I doubt that "Big M" is going to call tonight even though he said that he would. My patience is running low. If you cant answer the question as to whether you want to be with me or not...let me make the decision for you. My give a damn's busted.

So I am just going to go to bed now.