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Who can it be knocking at my door?
Written at 10:11 p.m. on Saturday, Mar. 14, 2009

I actually not too upset with the fact that I am sitting home on a Saturday night. My day started with the idea that I wouldnt be...but I am.

I was supposed to be with my friend, Danielle. We went out yesterday for lunch while my car was getting an oil change. We made plans to do something tonight, but she said something happened with her daughter and she had to take her for afterhour care. It was ok.

I had called my Grandmother up earlier and she told me that my uncle was coming down to visit in a little bit. I hadnt seen my uncle in about 20 years. And he's never in town. He does lighting for eprformances. He's done Sarah Brightman, Paul McCartney, and even Cirque Du Soleil last year. Tonight he was in Maryland for Motley Crue who happened to be playing with Hinder. Hinder...seriously. I wouldve loved to went to that. He even said in a month he may be on tour with Disturbed. I'd like to see them just once...without having to go to the car to sleep for a while because I was talked into going with the flu.

It was nice to talk with my uncle. We talked about so many things. Mostly my mom. I told him that I am kinda hurt by the fact that my mother never calls or comes over. I am her only child. Its not like I am one of six and it just isnt my turn in the rotation yet. He understood where I was coming from. We talked for a while. My mother even called while I was there and I answered the phone. We talked for two minutes and said our I Love you's and she asked for my grandmother. I am not upset by that. She is the one missing out on life and its going to pass her by one day. She didnt see my grandfather alot before he grandmother is in her 80's...and she will probably outlive me...and one day she'll be sorry that she didnt enjoy everyone while they were here. Life goes too fast.

While I was over there, I called ot check my messages. One of them was a message from my aunt out here. She called telling me that I should call her as soon as I get this. I am thinking that someone died. So I call her and she tells me that she was driving out to my house to surprise me with something and got halfway out here without hearing from me so she turned around and went home. WTF? First "Big M" last weekend and now my aunt. When did people stop calling to let you know ahead of time that they were comming? When did coming over unannounced become an okay thing to do? My house is a bit of a disaster so that is what I am doing tonight. Cleaning everything up. Its not too bad. Will take maybe an hour tonight and maybe 30 mins tomorrow morning.

I've spend enough time here...time to get back to Molly Maiding it up around here. So not what I want to do on my Saturday night. Ugh!