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Lost and found found me...
Written at 8:55 p.m. on Saturday, Mar. 21, 2009

Well, I got that phone call from "New Mike" he said he would...right between his jobs...just like he said that he would.

He truly amazes me sometimes. I started talking about what happened earlier and apologizing for just walking away from him. Especially after we agreed that we were both the type to talk things out. His response...We talked about it...its behind is. Wow.

He's, well its been both of us, commenting on how well we mesh and have clicked. We really are on the same wavelength with alot of things. One night we were talking about fighting and I said that I had a question for him and he said he knew what I was going to ask him. I was laughing telling him he coiuldnt know...that there was no way he could get it right. You're going to ask me if I am the kind of person who wants to squash an argument and settle it right then and there or if I am the kind of person that needs to walk away to cool down for a little bit. And then he said he's the kind who likes to settle it early and that if you walk away to cool off, then its not always fresh on your mind when you come back to talk about it and that there could be things that you forget to mention or talk about. That was totally the right answer. I liked that one.

I've been telling him since day 1 that he gets it...he just gets it. That was the problem with "Big Mike"...he didnt get it and we missed the target more than we hit it. "New Mike" and I think alot alike on almost everything that we've talked about. He comments on that well we've just clicked. He likes to talk about things...and we all know that I do too.

I am glad that he's not holding on to what happened. Which is a difference...because I would hold on to something like that...for a long time. When we went to hang up I said to call me later. He said After work? and seemed surprised. He had mentioned that I could come over both nights if I really wanted to. I would definately be more comfortable at my house...but am willing to go down there. I doubt that I will since my aunt is planning on coming over pretty early tommorrow. He's allergic to cats (bummer) and he has two big (very big) dogs that he needs to go home for. So I sincerely doubt he will come up here.


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