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Take your freedom...take your memories I dont need 'em...take your space and take your reasons...but you'll think of'll think of me...
Written at 2:53 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 24, 2009

I am feeling abnormally patient today and that in itself has me feeling a little uneasy.

I was talking with "New Mike" last night and heard some very strange noises on the phone and then our call was dropped. I tried to call him back...nothing. I texted him too. I called him again today...nothing. I hope he's ok. It was really weird.

Today out of nowhere I got a random text message from "Big Mike". He's testing my patience today...big time! He's been saying things about the mark that "New Mike" left on my neck. I honestly didnt know it was "Big Mike" thinks I am a liar. I dont really care what he thinks of me. I did nothing wrong...I am nobody's girlfriend and what I do or do not do is of noone's concern but my own. Its that simple.

And I am trying so hard to be patient as he is trying to have this in depth conversation via TEXT. OMG! I get annoyed enough when he tries to talk to me online...but texts...that arent coming in any order is just picking me to death. Its really hard to say goodbye to someone this way. And to be honest, I think I deserve better than a text anyway. Just further proves that he wasnt right for me. And I'm ok with that. We have a little bit of unfinished business and I sincerely hope he stands behind this. But who knows. It wouldnt be the first time I've been let down by some person who had my trust. Without going in to much detail...its pretty big.

I finally got tired of the texts and called him. He didnt answer. I didnt think he would and I'm kind of glad that he didnt. I just told him that I wasnted to say goodbye right and I'm sorry that he felt he couldnt do that. I wished him good luck with everything and told him to take care of himself. I wasnt bitter...or angry...or anything negative.

I told him that if there were ever a time to call and talk to me on the phone...that this would be it. I have no hard feelings and do not feel negative towards any of this. I am trying to be a better person.