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I can taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide...this fever for you is just burning me up inside...I drove all get to you...
Written at 10:55 a.m. on Saturday, Mar. 28, 2009

It is 11 am and I am just getting home. Yay for me. I needed to get out and have a good night.

First things first. My dinner with my family was awesome. My aunt and uncle gave me a letter they found at my great-aunt's house as they were cleaning out her home. It was a letter tht my great grandmother had written to me probably 20 years ago. I think she knew her time was coming close to the end and wrote me a letter asking me to make wise decisions in life because it only takes one wrong move...and if I am ever feeling alone to just think of her and even if she isnt there and I cant see her, she will always be right there with me to help me through things. It made me want to cry to read. I just loved my great grandmother dearly. She was the most purest soul I think I have ever known. I miss her as much now as I did almost 20 years ago.

So dinner was good. My gawd has my cousin changed. If I had ran into him on the streets and not known who he was, I'd have been majorly hitting on him. He sure has grown up since I last saw him at my great grandmother's funeral. He's like 6"3 now and isnt all thin and scrawny like he was when we were kids. Just odd to see him as a man, ya know.

So when I got home, "New Mike" called me. I was telling him that I really wanted to see him soon. So he said it probably wouldnt be exciting and I might be bored, but I could come up (or down, not sure which direction) to his place. Of course, I jumped on that. I hope he appreciates things like that. It was midnight when I left and it was raining on top of that. I was so scared driving out there. Yes, I have my GPS...but it was raining and I'm just not acclimated to the roads out here yet. But I got there in one piece.

We hung out and I was helping him get his stuff together for his soccer thing today. I'm not sure who the little kid was there, but he was adorable. I would say 7 or 8 years old. When Mike was in the shower and I was just sitting there on his bed, I heard the kid mumbling he was bored. Hey, I'm bored too...why dont you grab that game and come show me how to play it. The kid loved that. and it surprised Mike when he got out of the shower that I was spending time with the kid. I think it is his roommate's kid and he was babysitting.

So this morning, he headed off to his soccer thing. I really need to stop calling it his "soccer thing" but I dont fully know what it is. I do know he looked hot in whatever it is that you wear for these things. He is just so sexy in whatever he is wearing. I'm not sure what it is about him, but he drives me crazy.

So on my way home, he called. I come to find out his soccer thing (ok, one more time) is right near my house. So if it was near my house and he was running late for it...wouldnt the logical thing to have done would have been to come to my house last night? Only makes sense to me. He called asking how far I was and laughing that he was already passing my house. We were talking about the rain. I was telling him that I LOVE it. It just never rains in Southern California, so when it did it drove me crazy. Kinda like an aphrodesiac of sorts. He said Okay, that's odd. Why is that odd? When it rains I like to open my windows and get it cold in there and get under the covers and spend the whole day in bed. Another person just makes it more fun.

So right now I am trying to get a handle on my house. Its nowhere close to the messy of his little bachelor pad but its not "girl clean" at the moment either. So I am tidying up now. He asked if he could come by after soccer and take a shower at my house. Sure thing!

So off to clean.