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I'l give you all that I am...
Written at 6:10 p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2009

I sure has been a long day. I drove all the way down to Virginia today to finish the hiring process for this job. I've got to finish what I started here.

Last night "New Mike" called, at like 2 am, and I was telling him how I had to go to Virginia today. As always we talked for a little bit and then he had to go...and made promises of calling back. I actually called him out on it. Are you aware that you ALWAYS say that you are going to call back and you NEVER do. Which was no surprise to me that he actually didnt.

I was geting gas this morning and missed his call and in his message, the first thing he said was how he is sorry that he ddnt call back last night and he will fill me in on all of the details as to why he didnt. I was telling him how I just left my friend's shop and he looked at my car. Seems that its my gas cap that keeps setting off my check engine light. I did NOT want to break down in Virginia so I had my friend take a look. Then he proceeds to tell me how the drive is going to be long, and I'm going to hit traffic, and its raining heavy. My response, I love the rain...and I just got a full tank of it is all good...however long it takes. He commented on how optomistic I am and how I always look on the bright side of everything. I told him that its just how I function. No sense not being that way. I dont thnk that he looks at me like I really am. I think he THINKS he knows what kind of person I am...and I surprise him when he sees something different than what he thought. That is his fault for drawing conslusions without taking the time to get to know me. Whatever.

Tomorrow I get to go down about 20-30 mins away to take a drug test for this job. I am hoping and praying that I actually pass this thing. I havent been smoking anything since I've been here...but I did slip about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I highly regret it and am not wanting to do it again. I hope I pass or everything I've done for this job will have been pointless. So we'll see.

I think tonight I am going to take it easy and relax a little bit. I have a little bit of a headache. I think its because I went all day without eating and it was close to 5:00 by he time I had anything. I cant be doing things like that. I need to feel better more often. I have been feeling okay lately. I think it might have something to do with the amount of stress coming off my shoulders, too.

Its coming together...nicely.