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My eyes are open wide...By the way, I made it through the day...
Written at 5:03 p.m. on Monday, Apr. 20, 2009

I had so much fun with my aunt (?) yeserday.

First, she greeted me with such astonishment. And she told me repeatedly throughout the day...I am in total awe seeing you...I really didnt expect look so healthy and so thin...I really thought that you would look more sickly and put on a ton of weight because you couldnt move as much...but you really look fabulous. I cannot even put in words how good that made me feel. I know that she meant it...and it felt great to hear.

We just had so much fun. After her daughter's softball scrimmage she gave me a tarot reading at her house. I was telling her how funny it was 15 years when she gave me a tarot reading. She told me that I was going to move...across state lines. And I remember telling her, Youre crazy...I have never been outside of Maryland...I am not moving across state line. And 3 months later I was living in California. So I was anxious to hear what she had to say about now.

Overall, what she said sounded good. I am going to get the money things figured out...and I would get financially secure with this new job. She also said that the guy that I was going to end up with is noone that I am talking to...that I hadnt even met him yet. That this person was light-haired and has a light complexion...was married once before...has one kid (she thinks is a daughter)...and that he owns a business and has to travel alot. Thats not going to be hard to spot. I havent dated a guy that wasnt dark-haired in a long time. My type is dark hair, dark eyes, dark everything. So we'll see.

She also mentioned a friend from high school that isnt an honest person. I think this is Tom. She said that he always wanted to keep me here (in California) and his wife here (in Maryland) and he NEVER thought that I would come here. She said that I need to stay away from this person...never trust him. I surely dont. Never will.

She also pulled the Ace of Spades upright...the equivalant to the death card. She said that I would get shocking news of a death. And this person is someone that I dated...and someone in my business sector. She thinks someone that I worked with...and dated. That can only be Matt or Curt. Which I have talked to both since then and told them both to be careful. I know they both think I am silly. We'll just see.

She also said as far as my health...this will always be something that costs me...that it will always be something that I am forced to deal with. She also said that she doesnt see it getting better...but she sees it staying the same for a very long time. This is good...she didnt see it getting worse at the same time.

She thought is was funny. Every so often she would flip a card...another guy in my life. She said that there were way too many men in my life. She didnt say anything particular about any of them. She did bring up a guy that I have been talking to...a man in uniform. I can only assume that it is this guy Wil that I went out with last Friday. He's in the Navy. He is actually coming over tomorrow to hang out. I've gotten quitoe a few texts from him today. He is a really nicew guy...wonferful southern manners. I think its cute when I ask him something and he says, Yes, ma'am. I think he's adorable.

Other than that...she didnt say anything much more that I can remember. I am not planning my life around that she said, but I am taking alot of what she said to heart.

So today I got a call about the job. I passed the drug I almost knew that I would. They want me to start on Wednesday so that they can have time to get my "work space" together. Nice. Hope that I can make this job work out and not have problems with the amount of walking that I would have to do. Their benefits start the 31st day I've been permanent. That is so much better than the 90 days that I had originally thought it was going to take.

"Big Mike" also came over for a little while today. It was good to spend some time with him. Until I start getting some messages in my guestbook from whomever it is in Maryland, and now in another state close by, I am going to keep certain things to myself. As "New Mike" says...By your vagueness, you force someone to draw their own conclusion and perhaps its not the right conclusion. So draw your own their.

I also talked to Matt for a little bit today. He just hits me right in the gut every time that I talk with him. I, well we, were kind of making ammends to each other today. It was nice to get alot off my chest and ensure that I had things in the right place with him. It would really bother me if things werent right in that respect. I think things will be ok there. We know where we each sit with the other person.