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Who's gonna save my soul now...
Written at 6:38 p.m. on Saturday, Apr. 25, 2009

I am so freakin' bored...have been bored...will probably stay bored.

I am not sure what's going on with my "date" for the evening...I'm thinking a slight case of retardation. He said earlier, through a text, that he had to run to work for a bit. I've been here all day. He finally texts me about a half an hour ago and says Guess we arent doing anything. So I texted him back asking what that meant...he said he was asking. "Guess we arent doing anything" isnt asking...its assuming. So I texted him back and said that I wasnt playing text games and that if he wants to me. I have heard nothing.

This irritates me on so many levels. First, I hate assumptions. The whole day has gone by and I havent heard from him and when I do...its an assumption that we arent doing anything. He could have texted and asked So are we still on or So do we still have plans for tonight...but he didnt. Next, I would preferred most of our contact via the phone. You know...the thing you set against your head that allows you to hear a person's voice and them yours. With texts and instant messages, its allowed human communication to become so impersonal. And I hate that...absolutely hate it. If I cant even talk to this person on the phone...I certainly dont want to date him. Pass. Lastly, it was him that even initiated plans for tonight. I'm just saying...he's the one who asked me a little initiative and be a little proactive. I dont want to feel that I have to flag him down. As a girl, its just nice to feel chased a little.

So he finally instant messages me back. See? Slight case of retardation. Gotta window licker here. I did finally manage to get him on the phone. I told him that the last I heard from him, he was going to work. And when I get a text later assuming that we're not doing anything I have to wonder a little. Like WTF. He said that what we were doing was still in the air. I reminded him that it was because he forgot that I said to call me last night to figure out where to meet up and what we're doing...and he didnt. He didnt call. When I told him that, he said You know what...FUCK YOU!...and hung up. Hey, thats cool.

I think I am going to stay home with my nice dinner and bottle of pinot grigio and watch Role Models on Pay-per-view. Sounds good to me.


I included this video because I think it sums up relationships and break-ups so perfectly.

Gnarls Barkley - "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?"
Uploaded by DowntownMusic