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I think youre smart, you sweet thing...tell me your name...I'm dieing here...
Written at 10:02 p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2009

I am going to start with the bigger thing here. At least for me. I have something that I just have to tell...and cant. Because I still do not know who it is that is reading this. There is someone in Baltimore...Ellicott City, I think...and someone else in New Jersey...who I think I know, but cant be sure...and still no guestbook comments from whomever it is. Like I said, I probably wont care who it is, I'd say the same things anyway...but its the not-knowing part that really bites. Its just is so close to home that I HAVE to wonder and be curious. Please just let me know who you are...and if I even know you. Perhaps I dont. But I'd like to at least know that.

And if this is who I think it is, or at least one of the ones I think it is specifically...I kind of feel good about what I found out today. Because from the very beginning this person has made me feel looked down upon. I felt so inferior to this person. Like this person thought that they were above me and in many ways, just all around better. It has never been any specific incidence that makes me feel it...just all the questions and question-ing. I'd answer...honest and truthful...and always end up feeling like I should have lied and given a different, more better, answer. Overall, like I was being judged. BUT what I found out today...boy, it just made me feel like we're on a more even playing field. Not better, no worse...even.

On to my entry...

I think I am going to call in sick tomorrow. I have a very bad headache today and just really want to go crawl in to bed. But my aunt is coming here tomorrow to clean and I feel like I need to clean before she gets here. So I am going to call in sick...sleep in an hour or two...then wait for my aunt to show up. We were planning on going to my other aunt's house. This makes it all the easier for me.

So I think I am going to leave it here and go crawl in to bed and sleep this day off. My head is just killing me.