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Something must have made you say that...what did I do to make you say that to me...
Written at 3:09 p.m. on Tuesday, May. 26, 2009

I love long weekends...for the most part. It was an interesting, yet over all fun, weekend.

I spent the entire weekend with a new guy that I have been seeing. I dont usually like to talk about it here early on...but I cant keep my mouth shut about this one. Why are all the pretty ones so dumb? He's got the brawn...but not much of the brain going on.

Saturday night we went out to dinner at this place down the street. After we ate, we decided to stick around and play bar trivia. There were about 15 other people playing which made it more fun. We did ok for the most part. I didnt know all of the answers, but at the halftime questions they asked 5 sports questions. Anyone who knows me knows that sports is not my subject. He did great on them. Both of the people running it came over to tell him how good he did on it. After that we headed back to my house for the night.

I am going to skip around alot in this I'm sure. He stayed Saturday, Sunday and Monday...leaving here this morning. He is a really nice guy...super sweet. Now, I have to throw in the fact that while he did stay here for three days...things did not get physical with us. Some men really shouldnt be allowed to due to ignorance on their part. And this one...well, he should have to pass a special course before he's even allowed by federal law.

The entire time he was here he was a gentleman and never even tried anything. I was appreciative of that. So last night we were talking about it and were perhaps going to go there. I said something earlier in the night while we were at the store about getting anything needed for the rest of the day. So last night he tells me that he didnt pick anything up and that he doesnt like condoms. WTF? He genuinely thought that we could without any. Ummm...NO.

He thought because he (claims to) know me well enough and we're dating that its ok. Oh, and that he doesnt have anything. Someone's word is just not enough for me to even take that chance. There is just way too much crap out there that I dont even want to risk it. If I had it my way, I would wrap someone's entire body in a condom so that the contact is less. I'm just a germ-a-phobe like that. The thought of it freaks me out and this guy is just taking it way too lightly for me. At one point he even said, I'm not gay and I've never done IV drugs. And he sincerely thought that was the only two ways to get anything. Oh, and that its hard for a guy to give something to a girl anyway. That is just sheer ignorance on his part. Tell that to all of the people out there who know that its just not true because they found out the hard way.

The moment was shot, at least for me, when he said he didnt have anything with him. I just wanted to pick his brain a little more. Just happens to turn out that there's not all that much to pick. I told him, I dont know that I can date you...your ignorance on certain things is a little overwhelming. When he looked like I just kicked his puppy, I tried to laugh it off like I was making a joke. But I dont think I was. I really am not sure that I can date this guy.

I mostly felt that it was saying alot about what he thought about me, or how little he thought of me, that I'd be someone telling him I want to wait a little and when I finally agree to it, he thinks I would do it without anything and be careless. Like he has little regard for me and that I would think that low enough of myself as well to agree with it. I just dont know if this guy has the character make-up of someone that I want to date. He had to leave early this afternoon to get home and get ready for work. He kind of said that he was going to come back this coming weekend and wanted to redeem himself for this. I just dont know if he can. Makes me wonder how many equally ignorant girls he's been with who either believed him or didnt care enough about themselves and just let him. I didnt care enough to even ask him. He didnt have a ladder big enough to climb out of the hole he dug himself in to.