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You'll be sad that you let me go...on every face you'll ever know..and everywhere you'll ever'll feel when the wind blows...
Written at 2:06 p.m. on Saturday, Jun. 06, 2009

"Baldie" had until Friday night...well, "Baldie" turned into a pumpkin at midnight. He is now in that imfamous pile of "has-been's" that served their purpose and have now been put out to pasture. Retired like old farm animals or tennis shoes.

I have to say that it does burn a little bit. I have never fully understood why a man, a grown adult, cant just say "You know...I thought that this was what I was wanting...and now, well, now after a few weeks and some time to think about's just not." I just hate the 'everything is fine and I will call you tomorrow...but really I wont'...act. It just gets old after a while. I texted him on Wednesday and he said that he'd call on Thursday and that he "had a rough week and had a lot on his mind". Whatever.

I feel like "Big Mike" all over again. What's up big, fat, bald guy with issues? At least this one was only limited vested interest. Its not him gone that is upsetting...its the acting like everything is fine, especially when we BOTH know it isnt...and instead of being adults and talking about it, one of us (**cough**HIM**cough**) ignores it and pretends they are going to eventually deal with whatever it is.

And I know how this is going to work. It always does. I am going to get a phone call in a week...or a month...or whatever...saying that I am a nice person and he was just confused and perhaps we can get together and hang out or talk. Spare me the phone call or email, please.

I always complained about how I was always so quick to get pigeon-holed in the "friends-zone", but its not looking so bad anymore. At least there was a lot more respect there. A lot! And I respected them more in return and obviously had more repect for myself. I just plain dont need these kind of people in my life anymore.

Someone called me this morning at 5 am. I really dont know who it was, to be honest. I was half asleep and they called from a blocked number. They asked if I wanted to hang out tonight and do something, but I said that I couldnt because I already have plans. I said that I was going to bar trivia and couldnt. They asked if I was going with anyone and I said yes and that it was a friend. They asked if it was a date, so I said no and that it was a friend. They asked if I had been asked out by this person...and I said yes. When I said that, this person got a little hostile and snapped that they had to get in the shower and that they had to go. I am positive that it wasnt "Baldie" because whomever it was said that they were in Pennsylvania, not Maryland. Again...whatever.

So I am going to go out with my friend Deacon tonight to bar trivia and have fun. I am going to have a few drinks...and laugh...and have fun...and forget about everything and everyone else for the night.


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