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Memories so perfectly Orange County...
Written at 7:32 a.m. on Friday, Jul. 03, 2009

I am feeling extra-special homesick today. I hate this. Majorly.

I got back yesterday from spending two days up at my family's house in Pennsylvania. I got in touch with my aunt after 17 years and she invited me up. This is my mother's half sister...same father, different mothers. She is also only 6 years older than we always had a sister-like relationship. It was nice seeing everybody after all of this time.

Tomorrow I am going to go see my other side of the family. My father's side. There is a huge 4th of July thing at my other aunt's house. Should be fun. My nieces came in from California yesterday to spend most of their summer here. I hope it makes me a little less homesick. Because I am wanting a plane ticket badly right now.

I have found several people that I grew up with. Girls that I've known since elementary school that I used to have slumber parties with. So I got that Christmas wish of more GIRL-friends early this year. I definately needed it though. Its so funny talking to these people after so much time. But I love it nonetheless.

I did manage to find "MrCuriousGeorge" online after all of this time. We talked for a little bit. I knew he was somewhere near here. And he is. He's married now. Which doesnt surprise me at all. He's a nice guy with his shit together. Was only a matter of time before someone scooped him up. Just wish it had been me.

There is one name that keeps coming up in certain circles...Tom. I just pretend I know nothing. My friend Laura was smart enough to put two and two together though. just moved from California...and Tom said that he was out in Cali for a while and there was a girl that moved back here for that you? Yep...dumbass written all over my forehead...can you see it? I get so mad when I think of him and what he did...but I wouldnt be here if all of that didnt happen. Bitter-sweet, I tell you.

all of this is so very bitter-sweet...