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I hear your name in certain circles...
Written at 4:33 p.m. on Friday, Jul. 03, 2009

Its been an interesting day. I am adicted to Facebook. I might start having issues very soon. Well...I have been talking to a few people I grew up with lately. Mostly a girl I have known since Elementary school. We had the same babysitter. I even remember it was her brother that I got busted playing the You show me yours and I will show you mine game. today I was talking to a boy...guy, now...that lived in my neighborhood. We both always lived there and have know each other forever. So he tells me today that over the years he wondered what happened to me. He said that it was weird because we lived in a small neighborhood in a small town and there is always someone that knows something...but that noone knew what had happened to me. Andf he was right...I didnt really tell anyone that I was going to California. Kenya...Josh...and Danielle.

It was just really nice talking with him. I have to admit that this was a conversation that I have thought about over the years. I was the neighborhood rat running around seeing what kind of trouble I could get in to. And as I got older, it got worse. And he saw alot of it. He commented on a "tree house of sorts" that I cant say I remember but wont argue. So it was nice to talk to him like two adults, grown adults, who can carry on a conversation. Because he was always the more refined one out of the neighborhood guys...and I told him that today. So I always wondered what kind of impression he had of me. I always assumed that it wasnt good. I always knew that he was going to come out okay...and he did. It was just nice to have him say that it sounds like I did too.

Its hard to explain it. I akways say that I was the girl next door growing up. Which I kind of think I was. And he was definately the boy next door type. Hung around all of the bad boys in the neighborhood...but didnt seem to ever get in to trouble.

Anyway...I also think that I found Josh there. His wife is beatiful, just like I thought any wife of his would be, and the two kids, both boys, are too cute for words.

And I found Kenya again. I havent really talked to her since she came out to visit me in California. Looks like she married the guy that she was dating in high school. Sounds too cute.

I have to do something worthwhile laundry.