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Lets not ask why its not wont be 17 forever...
Written at 12:19 p.m. on Friday, Jul. 10, 2009

I have had a pretty good last couple of days. I've seen a lot of family and friends lately. I am actually having a hard time squeezing everyone in. I never thought that I would say that. Shocking.

Oh, and they all come out of the woodwork...eventually. Kind of like little groundhogs...if they see their shadow, they go back in for 6 more weeks. Thats about the average time frame that I am dealing with.

Out of nowhere...I heard from "Big Mike" yesterday. First, he was telling me that Blue October is coming to Baltimore. Which in turn got us talking. And he wanted to come over this morning. No, stay on your side of the state. I dont even need to be dealing with that.

Then...also, out of nowhere...I hear from that guy that I had been talking to...the one that fit my psychic reading to a tee. He didnt really have to much to say. I am still wondering why over a month later, when he canceled our date, I am hearing from him now. Strikes me as odd to hear from him.

I also have a few things sitting uneasy with me at the moment. One being Patty. Patty had been complaining through the years that she wanted to find her "one true, lost love" I managed to find him on Facebook. So those two start talking...and then I find out that his wife is one of the girls I grew up with. And now I am in the middle. The wife is telling me to warn Patty to stay away from her man...Patty telling me how she met him at 2 am at Ocean City. Now she wants to come up this weekend to spend the night so she can see him. I dont want to be involved in this. way!

Then there's this guy from high school. OMG! I dont even know where to start with that. He was my first crush in high school. We talked almost every day back then. Well, we've been talking again lately. He came over to visit me earlier in the week and to hang out for a while. He wants to come over tonight and Sunday to hang out again. He was fun to hang out with then and he's fun to hang out with still...dont get me only issue is that he is married. He tells me that his marriage is odd and that they dont sleep in the same room...or have sex...or even really spend time together. He said that they pretty much have seperate lives and live as roommates. And now he's coming around here telling me how he's always had feelings for me and how he wants to kiss me. I really dont need that drama either. That could really mess with a girl.

I do like my life relatively drama-free...and these people arent going along with the plan here. I am definately trying, and working, very hard to keep within my boundaries and no overstep them in any way. I am not going to be personally responsible for disrespecting any wives on either side. Seriously...we're not 17 anymore. These are real lives and real marriages...and real feelings.

I would never want to be 17 again. I didnt want to be 17 when I was 17. Why on earth would I want to relive all that now? Oh, thats right...I dont.