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You're hot then you're're yes then you're're in then you're're up then you're're wrong when its right...its black then its white...we fight, we breakup...we kiss, we mak
Written at 1:03 p.m. on Tuesday, Jul. 21, 2009

I am officially done with dealing with little punk ass men...<*cough*BOYS*cough*>. I am tired of people going MIA and leaving me with a "WTF" attitude...then coming back out of the woodwork like nothing even happened.

Last night I heard from that guy I had been talking to a month or two back. The one who thought for sure that it was him that my tarot card reading was talking about. We talked for a while...about nothing of importance really. He acted like we we never really skipped a beat. In my mind I wanted to say we went out for a disappeared...and now here you are...out of nowhere...WTF? But I didnt.

Then this morning I am online talking to my friend back in CA online and I noticed that "Special K" signed on. Two seconds later I get a friends request. Now mind you...I have added this guy at least half a dozen times. Its almost like he gets a Man-case of PMS and takes me off of his list and when his bipolar ways even out...he wants to be friends again. I even went to add him on Facebook and he denied he wants me to add him. It took all I had not to ask him what is up with that...but again, I didnt.

Maybe its me...but I am really getting sick of all of this hot and cold that people give me. It just has my head spinning. Because I try to be nice to people and when they reappear out of nowhere, I dont question it. And perhaps I should. I have the "outta sight...outta mind" mentality and I get a little confused by this. I just dont understand it. It's almost like their is a special little Batsignal that goes off alerting them >i>Tracey has almost forgotten about you and moved on...get in there and stir her all up little bit.

I used to find it its just annoying...


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