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We're so perfectly...Orange County...
Written at 10:28 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009 I am so excited that I can barely contain myself.

A few days I got an instant message from "MrSpecialK"...and all it said was I'm going to California...wanna go? I just wrote back I am so jealous. Then yesterday he called me...Are you going or not...I need to make reservations. I had to take a breath there. Wow. Was he really asking me to go to California with him. I had to ask a few times Are you being serious? He kept saying that he was.

So after a couple of hours toggling it back and forth in my head...I decided to go. Why shouldnt I? I mean its only Saturday through Wednesday...nothing really happens between then. My aunt said that she'd come over and take care of the kitties. I have been missing the place lately...this gives me a chance to go back and remember why I left.

And I love that I get to experience this with him. I really do. Because he's never been to California. Oh, and because of all of the places in beautiful California, his work thing is in Orange County. My ground. And I want him to see...he thinks that I am spoiled ROTTEN...and I want him to see that its not just me. That everyone in the O.C. is spoiled and I'm a very milder version.

So out of all of those days there, he has a work function Tuesday during the day. The rest of it is open for me showing him around. I joked today with him when he called that we should get tattoos while we were there. Why do you say that? I couldnt tell if he thought I was being serious or not. I was kidding. I know that he's way too straight-laced for that. He's had the same job with the government for almost 25 years. He's very clean cut. So no, I would never expect him to go along with the idea of getting tattoos. Never.

We were talking last night online...after we got off the phone...and we were bantering back and forth. He says he is broken-hearted...I ask why...he says I dont give him attention...I said I do...he says he wishes...I ask why...he says because he likes me alot. I like him alot too. I just never thought that he acted like someone interested. I've thought since DAY ONE that he wasnt interested. He told me I think we'd hit it off if we went away. Here's our chance to find out. I am all about this trip.

So I am going to be exercising like a mad woman before this trip. I have 16 days to make it happen. I have GOT to be able to take him a few places. So I am going need to be able to keep up with it all. I am going to have 4 whole days of forgetting that I am sick...and just living.

I cant wait...