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Dont tell me if I'm dieing...because I dont want to know...
Written at 1:14 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2009

I think I have hit the point of bitter...officially. Because I am pissed off beyond words. And I teeter on the border of postal on a daily basis as it is already.

This has been a really hard week for me...and the past 24 hours have just worn me down to nothing. But really where was I before.

I dont even want to go into what happened...but long story short, someone I thought was at the very least a friend turned out to be anything but. And this person has hurt me beyond words. Because instead of talking to me like an adult...they chose the coward way to go about things. I think I am a pretty easy person to talk to...even though I come across as a real smartass here, I am not so much in person...and I just cant wrap my head around things. And all that I can get out of this person is just freaked me out...good luck in the form of a FREAKIN' TEXT MESSAGE...hours later.

And the only thing I can think freaked him out was my illness. And I cant do anything about that. I dont get to leave the house without this...and I cant wake up in the morning without the reminder. It sucks...but its my life. No getting around that. There is nothing I can do about this...but learn to live with it and just deal. I do understand someone being affected and concerned by it...I really do. But you come to me and say that to me and be a man... dont just leave to pick up dinner and not come back. That's just lame as shit.

Its sad because there is this bitter side of me that thinks that this was an A+ first class asshole move. And I know that what goes around comes around and that when karma comes around to this person, I dont want to be anywhere near that trainwreck. And I sincerely hope that this man finds the girl of his dreams...and on their wedding day he is hit by a car or something leaving him with some physical handicap...and the girl leaves him because she's "freaked out" and cant deal.

I hope someday he feels even an ounce of what I have felt in the past 24 hours. Bitter much? Hell yeah!