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I'm in like with you...not in love with you quite heart's beginning to...slightly over-rule my head...
Written at 9:36 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009

I should really be getting my house family is coming over to take me out to lunch for my birthday. Ugh...another year. And this year, another year doesnt feel like just another year. Wow.

So the other day, I decided to go to the DMV (its called the MVA here) and finally get my driver's license situation taken care of. After all, I have been here 7 months. Well, they needed a birth after a trip to the Health Department, two trips to the MVA, a trip to the bank (because not every government department here takes debit or visa), a trip to get my hair cut...I wanted to go home. As I am going home, I realized I needed catfood...and I was coincidentally driving by the grocery store as I had the thought.

I ran in and got a few things and I am about to check out when I saw my favorite cashier. I am not sure if I mentioned him before or not...he was someone who I met when I first got here on my first trip to the grocery store. He's a very nice guy. I see him almost every time I go there. And he'll ask me Found someone yet? from time to time. So we got to talking the other day. He wrote his number down on the receipt...and I called him later that night.

He is such a nice very sweet and innocent. YES...he truly is...because he is truly only 23 years old. OMG...that is 10 years difference...11 today. But I cant seem to not somehow be attracted to him anyway. And yeah...he's good on the eyes...but he has something about him inside that kinda makes up the difference in age. He just doesnt act his age...he seems more...umm, naive...than that. I'll get to that part.

So he came over yesterday. He called while I was at my grandma's house and I called him back when I left. We agreed to meet at his work and we'd ride back to my house together. Shortly after we got there, my cousin Ashley came over. I needed her take on all this and to meet him and hang out with us a little. We had a good time. When he needed me to take him back to his car, we talked a little on the way. He wanted to come back over today after my family leaves. first thought about him and all of it was He's 23 yrs old...he is just wanting to get laid. But for some reason, I think its not like that. We were talking last night on the phone when my cousin left...and well, I just cant picture that as his motive. He just seems way too innocent for all that. I know, maybe I am the naive one here. For instance, when we were talking he was setting the dinner table...he has dinner with his family every night. And last night when something happened and he was all bummed (something with his dog), he called me I'm just upset and wanted to talk to you. So we got deep in conversation...and well...he is just as innocent as I thought he was. He really has only had ONE serious relationship...that only lasted 6 months. And he hasnt been with about three years. And he believes in waiting until you fully get to know someone first. And he is just so OLD SCHOOL. Shocking for someone so young. But he is.

And he keeps telling me that there isnt anything wrong with our ages...that we click and that should be enough. He even told me lst night...I cant believe I am about to say this...he told me how he prays every night and how he prayed the other day about meeting someone nice who could appreciate him...and then here I come. It was so cute. I asked him why he would even want to take the chance on an old lady like me when there are younger, more attractive girls out there for him. He said because I am easy to talk to and even easier to hang out with and be himself...and that the girls his age in this area are skanky and sleep with everyone.

So plan today is lunch with my aunts at Olive Garden and then to hang out with him...

This should be an interesting birthday...