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Written at 7:44 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 04, 2010

I am still alive...that has to be a good sign. I have so much to say...just not sure how to say it...or if I even want to say it here. Its been so long that I am not sure how to get a proper entry out.

First things first, I guess. That divorced guy...with the daughter...who has his own business...lives near water...yeah, well I found him. Rather he found me. And he just makes all the bad shit that has happened since I have been here unimportant and meaningless. We both say If this doesn't work out then I just give up. I sure know that he is everything, and more, that I had been looking for.

So I am just going to leave it at that for the moment. Just know that without saying much...I am extremely happy with life...all aspects of it. =D