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I could be mean...I could be know I could be just like you...
Written at 11:33 a.m. on Wednesday, May. 12, 2010

So things...are good. They're not I guess that means something.

Nothing has really happened...but I think that is what makes it good. I've been hanging out with friends and family lately so it hasnt been all boring.

Mostly I've just been cleaning up my life. I've been going through things around my house and either getting rid of shit or getting it put away. It was funny, yet sad, a while back when I had Mark staying here. He asked me...Do you have a have alot of "Men's" stuff around here. Guilty. He was meaning the Men's shampoo...and After-shave...and boidy was...and deodorant. Yeah, it appears that there is a man here...when in reality its my collection of reminders of bad relationships. I have the most random of shit, too.

As I was going through stuff, I came across something of Bob's. Something that I am sure he really didnt want to leave behind. My first thought was to text him or something to see if he wanted it back. Then that neurotic girl in me pictured him texting me back with something smart-ass like Will I have to see you to get it? So I abandoned that idea. When really...he left it behind. Not my problem. I will hold on to it in case he ever asks or something...but he was the one who left it behind. And me going to him is only me stirring the pot unneccessarily. Aside from that one thing, everything else is going. I have to clean out all the garbage.

One thing Kevin used to tell me when we talked about ex-wives and shit...I dont go backwards. And I am starting to be that way, too. I try to keep moving forward without looking behind me. I used to have so many relationships that didnt have closure and because of that the person would resurface. Now, I am getting really good at not texting back or answering the phone...and if I get cornered, directly calling the person out on their shit. You did ________ to me...why are you contacting me now? They usually end up crawling back in the woodwork that they came out of.

I've also been taking care of crap that I have been procrastinating on. DMV stuff, car insurance crap...minor stuff that needs to be taken care of. Like I said...just getting my life in order from the inside and out. Other than that...nothing else is going on here.