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Just gonna stand there and watch me burn...thats alright, because I like the way it hurts...just gonna stand there and here me cry...thats alright, because I love the way you lie...
Written at 6:27 p.m. on Monday, Jul. 05, 2010

So, 4th of July weekend was fun. I totally needed that.

I took my cousin (from my father's side) to my aunt's (from my mother's side) get-together Saturday night. It was fun. Or I had fun, at least.

I met this guy. Well, I kinda already knew him. I remembered meeting him and his mother when I was about 13. That would have made him about 5. So we ended up hanging out and talking most of the night. When I left to take Ashley back to my house to get her car, he offered to come. I had told him that I would be right back. But he said that if he came with me, he knew I would have to come back. I get that.

So anyway, we hung out...we had pulled over to the side of the road in a remote area and just sat there talking. So, before I continue any further...can you say red flag? We sat there for over an hour. We talked about him...his ex wives...and stuff. And yes, I said "wives" in in there are three of them. And he is only 26. Wow. At one point, we had both walked in the house to use seperate bathrooms and he said, "Meet ya back here"...well almost an hour later when he hadnt come back, I left and went home. I did get a text at 6 am asking where I was and what happened to me.

I dont think I can even contemplate dating a 26 yr old. No way. He did end up coming over my house when he left my family's yesterday and was on his way to the ocean. Just briefly. He did meet my neighbor on the way out. She thought he was hot. Her husband was more tickled by the "sweet ride" that he has. He had texted me earlier and told me that he had wanted to kiss me that night. I just told him clearly not enough or he would have. So I think he had something to prove when he came over. And this is ALL that happened.

So when he left, I went in my backyard where my neighbor was having people over. All really cool people. I just kind of hung out there all night. At one point I got a couple of texts from Matt. Happy 4th. I love you, Tracey. Much more that you ever knew. Sorry I didnt show it. Youre mine. If I could go back. ***tears*** Clearly he was celebrating a liquid 4th of July. I hate when he does that shit. He will text me randomly when I am having fun and send me some sappy drunk text. He had 6 yrs to get his shit together. Too little, too late.

And between these two...I am positive that I am not ready to get out there and start dating yet. Close, but not that close. One made me neurotic...and the other could make me more neurotic. Three ex wives...really???