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Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...I could really use a wish right now
Written at 7:52 a.m. on Sunday, Jul. 11, 2010

It's barely 8 in the morning...and I had only gone to bed 4 hours ago. I am not really all that tired. I do recall my best friend in California drunk dialing me at 5 am. It was cute.

I had alot of fun last night. Last weekend at my family's 4th of July get-together, their friend Connie came up and invited me to her party last night. I LOVE the parties at her house. Nice, big property, huge pool, all kinds of shit to do...volleyball, horseshoes, whatever. Lots of food...double that amount in drinks. Just fun all around.

So last night, I met my aunt outside in their long driveway. I got there and there were cars everywhere. I always get nervous at these places. There were soooooooooo many people there. It was weird because this party wasnt like that. I kinda knew a majority of the people there. I almost felt like I was at a family reunion. There were family from my mothers side and some from my fathers too. Was kind of weird.

The point is...I felt so comfortable being there. Which I am almost never feeling at big gatherings. So I got to have fun. Which is another feeling that I am not entirely familiar with.

So...I am pretty sure that cyber-stalking is not the correct word here. But it might be. Anyway, there was friend of mine (months ago) on Facebook that had just become friends with someone else and their name sounded familiar. I wasnt sure if he was the same person so I friend requested him. His page was wide open and I could read his stuff. He me. So anyway...I have left a couple of comments on posts here and there. Well, tonight when I came in and jumped on Facebook, there was an email from him. He was asking if I would want to go out sometime. Ummm, HELL YEAH!

It's been a weird little adventure here. I feel like I have so many things figured the best that they are going to be. I am actually very lucky. And that would be an understatement. I usually post songs with these entries that are songs that explain how I am feeling. Well, not this one. I could really use a wish right now? Not so much...I am exactly where I want to be. I dont really have anything to wish for.