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Written at 7:14 p.m. on Sunday, May. 08, 2011

This past week has worn my down...entirely.

First, I found out that an old close family friend died. He killed himself. He built a small explosive and blew himself up. I've known this guy since I was a little kid. His mother and my mother were close friends growing up.

Then the other day I was told about another friend. I have mentioned her here, but it no longer seems right to call her by the nickname I was calling we'll just call her "E". I found out the other day that she and her father were shot and killed by her ex-husband. I've been taking it pretty hard...I think I am still in shock. She was going to pick up her daughter from her ex's house, with her father, and as soon as her ex opened the door he started shooting at them. They ran and he kept shooting. When they couldnt run anymore and his gun had emptied, he reloaded the gun and shot some more. Sickens me to the core of my body that someone would do that. Now she is leaving behind a 7 yr old...and a 3 month old. Makes my soul hurt.

Just feels like there has been so much death and sadness around me this week. I cant take much more.

The worst part is they were both senseless and with the suicide and the other with murder. Its hard to even say that word...murder. My friend was murdered...cold blood...execution-style in the street.

Gawd, I hope next week is easier on me. Please?