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Written at 7:26 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 23, 2003

The main lesson learned today is...go grocery shopping alone.

See, I have a specific place I want to get my food from. Trader Joe's. So I decided today today I would take "MrBigDaddy" with me. Big mistake.

First, he insulted me by calling me "a typical Californian" and stated that there is nothing special about this place. Well, for someone who never cooks and nevers seems to be concerned where his food is coming from when I put that plate in front of him, today he was.

He moped around that place commenting on everything. At one point, he made a comment that he wanted Macaroni and Cheese. So I pointed it out for him But oh, "Not that kind". Not what kind? I guess that idea of "organic" confused him. But sure enough, when we got to the counter, that box of Mac & Cheese was there.

Next time I will be leaving him at home and going alone. When we got home, I was so scarred from our trip there that I had an entire bottle of my favorite Shiraz.

I just dont understand him sometimes. Its like he complains about never having nice things, but when he does he complains about it being "yuppy-ish". Its like nothing makes him happy.

So here I am. Tonight is his one night off this entire week and I am sitting here making an entry while you guessed it...he's sleeping.

I need another hobby...