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I'm only lonely on the inside...
Written at 10:31 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2003

I am starting to wonder if I actually have a boyfriend...or another roommate.

I almost never see him. And lately, we have been a little snappy to each other. You would think with Valentine's day being just around the corner, there would be that air of romance. Nope.

For instance, today we were talking about this job again. UGH! I am so tired of talking about this damn job. He was mentioning that he got another job offer today. He also said that it would be from 2pm-midnight. I told him to look for a job from 6pm-8am...that way we never have to see each other.

I am starting to take it personally. Every time he mentions quitting this job, he says its because he doesnt like the work. He doesnt say its because he never sees me anymore or because he misses me. Nope...he doesnt like the work.

And every time I mention Saturday I get this blank look from him. Kinda like a deer caught in headlights. I keep asking him if he has figured out what he wants to do on Saturday, but I dont get an answer in return. I just get "Whatever you want to do".

Would it kill him to come up with one idea? I mean really, there are a million and one things to do in the Southern California area. Just say one! All I want is a little feedback.

I just want to do something fun this weekend. I already have "MsMoHoney" mad at me because we wont be here for her birthday party.

For one, she made it clear that she wanted an all girl party. So what am I going to say to him, "Honey, you cant come home tonight because she doesnt want any men here". How do you tell someone not to come home? And for two, Saturday is going to be our Valentine's Day since he is working friday.

I just dont know how to make everyone happy. I am exhausted trying.