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Your love is better than ice cream, better than anything else that I've tried
Written at 4:03 p.m. on Saturday, Mar. 08, 2003


I finally made it to the dentist today. I had to get this wisdom tooth out of my mouth.

When I got there, they had me fill out all of this paperwork. Then they finally called me back for X-rays. The little Nurseboy kept coming with those little plastic pieces that they put in your mouth to take them. And the tooth already hurt as it was and jamming something into the back of my mouth didnt help.

After the X-rays they basically put me in this room and forgot about me. I felt like I was sitting there forever, just waiting. Patienly, might I add. The nurse finally came in and told me the doctor would be in to do the exam in a few minutes and brought me a magazine.

So I was happy as can be when the doctor finally came in. He looked in my mouth and told me that I dont have any cavities. (Finally something my parents did right) He asked me if I had any teeth that were hurting me. Umm, yeah...this big bitch...right here. So I pointed it out to him and he asked me if I wanted it out today. Yeah, lets go!

I explained to him that I dont like needles and asked him if he could give me some "funny air" to make it easier. Well, the only funny part about it was that it didnt have any effect on me. Finally I asked if it was even on. He just kept telling me to breathe deeply. But I was already breathing to the fullest capacity of my lungs as it was.

Finally I was numb enough so I didnt care. And he yanked that bad boy out. Afterwards he asked me if I wanted to see the tooth. It was bigger than I thought it would be. I hope all of my wisdom wasnt in that one tooth and I have to revert back to being a dumb blonde. Oh well, I still have one wisdom tooth left to get me through. Which he said I could get that one pulled anytime. Ya know, since this visit wasnt so bad, I just might not wait until it gets as bad as this next time.

And it didnt hurt that the doctor was kinda cute. Ahh, "DoctorCutie" as I will call him from now on. Never to his face of course.

When I finally got back home, what do you know, "MrBigDadddy" was right where I left bed. That's okay. Because I did what I wanted to do yesterday...I climbed right on in with him. And I loved it when he rolled over and curled up with me. There was this moment while he was sleeping where he pulled me a little closer and I thought to myself...this is what I wanted yesterday.

Little does he know, as soon as he gets up he is going to the store to get me some Ben & Jerry's. I also want to get my perscription for Vicadin that "DoctorCutie" gave me filled.

Ahh, Ben, Jerry...and Vic. This could be a fun night afterall.