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Take this job and shove it...
Written at 10:17 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 21, 2003

I have this very distinct feeling that today is not going to be a good day at work.

Today is my aunt/boss's birthday and I didnt do a damn thing for it. I was planning on asking her out to lunch tomorrow and giving her something then.

When I arrived in this morning, I found sticky notes all over my desk from her wondering why this paperwork was here or what happened with this. It was a big ol' mess. I hate that. Everything was laying out across my desk which meant she had to do some digging to find it in the first place. I hate that.

Then to top it off, my uncle/boss came to me about a problem. When he came to me, I explained that I had handed the paperwork over to aunt/boss. He started freaking, "Dont give it to her, give it to me". "That's funny", I said, "Because when I told her that you were orginally handling it, she said 'dont give it to him, give it to me'". Apparently, now we are going to have a meeting about this today. So in other words, we are going to take something small and make a big spectacle out of it. UGH!

I hate it when they arent on the same page. One says one thing, the other says the complete opposite. Then there I am, stuck in the middle not knowing what the hell to do.

So today is more than likely going to get pretty ugly. I have this feeling that I am either going to quit or get fired for standing up on all of this.

Wish me luck!