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You gotta look outside your eyes, you gotta think outside your brain
Written at 1:35 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 07, 2003

I finally took a glance at myself in the mirror this morning...and I scared the hell out of myself. I look like death on a stick.

I almost didnt recognize myself. I was hoping that I was still half asleep and what I was seeing wasnt real.

My hair has gone from a nice reddish blonde to a brassy brownish reddish mess. And it looks like it hasnt been conditioned in months.

My skin...I am so white I glow. I look as if my skin has never been touched by sunlight. I will confess that my skin is very pale and could never hold a tan...but I look like the living dead. I havent put on make-up for well over a week.

So needless to say, my appearance is less than par right now.

So today during my lunch I went to the bank. I didnt want to get out of the car, so I used the drive-thru teller.

I pulled up to the window and put my check in the drawer and sat and waited for the lady to come back. When she did, she slid the drawer out to me and said, "I always remember you (touches her nose) because of your nose ring. Its so pretty. You always look so nice."

Now either this woman has just finished a two martini lunch and is hopped up on the hooch...or she is half as blind as I am.