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Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue
Written at 6:48 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2003

I have been reading many diaries lately that mention this thing called "February Funk". I guess its some kind of seasonal depression that hits it peak in February.

I am in agreement with this "February Funk". (whispers)...Its real.

And I think that Hallmark knew that February was so gloomy that they added Valentine's day in there to try to brighten this horrid month of dreariness. I dont think a couple of pink hearts is going to make this month better.

Maybe its all this rain that we have been having in Southern California these last two days. All I can say is...I am ready for March to get here.

So today I left work early. I had called and left a message with "MsMoHoney" early in the day to see what time she would be home to give me my shot. When I didnt hear back from her, I went to my doctor's office and had them do it.

I asked "MrBigDaddy" to go with me. He did, but I felt like he felt it was a big inconvenience to go. Well, its and inconvenience to me to have to get a shot every week...for the rest of my life. But if me taking this will let me keep walking, I can live with that inconvenience.

I mean he was okay with going. He just acted funny. He wanted to wait in the car and when I came back out he was waiting outside already.

And I let him drive my car back home. Now, mind you...I have never been the passenger in my own car. And there were a couple of times I gasped loudly and I dont think he liked that too much. Oh well! Considering I just got my car back from the tree falling on it and that he is not on my insurance...I am allowed to gasp loudly.

So we just came home and wouldnt ya know...he is sleeping. Big shocker there, huh?

See, he just doesnt get it!