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You cant talk to a psycho like a normal human being
Written at 12:55 p.m. on Friday, Mar. 14, 2003

He is insane! I mean, "should be rocking to and fro in a padded room" kind of insane.

I got a nice 6 am wake up call from "MrLightening" this morning. After listening to him breathing in my ear while not saying anything, he finally said "Are you really living with someone?" He was insinuating that I was blowing smoke up his ass. He explained it by saying that when two people split up, they sometimes tell the other person that they have met someone so it doesnt appear that they are still pining after that person. Such is not the case here.

Then he asked me what went wrong. I explained to him that he is a very vindictive person (and he got really pissed when I told him that I could hold while he went to look it up in the dictionary). He hung up on me. Whenever things arent going his way, he hangs up on me and then calls me a week later apologizing.

When "MrBigDaddy" came home this morning, I explained to him what happened. I want him to understand that I have nothing left for "MrLightening". About five minutes into the conversation, he called back. This time he was really quiet. I asked him if he was seeing someone, why is he still wanting to get back together. "Because she's not you".

Now, before you start thinking "Aww, how sweet", two seconds later he was calling me a stupid cunt. He all of the sudden got really angry and started yelling again. Meanwhile, "MrBigDaddy" is just sitting on the bed listening to us argue.

He started yelling about his damn ring. How he wants it back. I told him that I cant do it today and that I would bring it over sometime over the weekend. That wasnt good enough, he wanted it today. He said he was going to come to my work and get it. I told him if he comes to my work, I am gonna call the police. Personally, I think he'd look nice in one of those orange jumpsuits.

And again he hung up on me...and again he called back. This time all he said was, "Put my ring in your pocket, I'll find you". And he hung up again.

I am not sure if he knows where I work or not. I fully expected him to be there when I pulled up.

An hour later, I missed one of his calls and he left a really nasty, freaky message on my voicemail. Yada, yada...he's going to come to my work and cause a scene...yada, yada...if he doesnt get it, he's going to call the police on me...yada, yada.

And he wonders why I call him vindictive and want nothing to do with his sorry ass!