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Dont stand so close to me...
Written at 2:34 p.m. on Monday, Mar. 17, 2003

Rock<-->Hard place. See me, in between?

Today has just been going fine. I will be leaving an hour early to go for my opthamologist appointment. Just a follow up to all the optic neuritis stuff a month ago.

Well, a month ago when I went to her, she put me on a corticosteriod to help the nerve. It worked, but when I went to my family doctor two weeks later, he was giving me a rundown of things I shouldnt do. One of them was being around people who are taking chemotherapy treatments.

Well, this morning I am overhearing the new girl in my office talking to someone and she mentioned this new medication she was taking...a chemotherapy medication. What are the chances of that? And this person sits about five feet away from me...all day.

Me, being the neurotic hypochondriac that I am, called my doctor. At first I thought that it was the other person that would be harmed by me being around them. Apparently, its ME that could be harmed by being around her. It seems that (in my dr's words) "People undergoing chemo have low immune systems and can carry alot of illnesses". That's just great, they have seated me next to a vat of germs.

And I do find it quite strange that I have felt good all winter and now all of the sudden I have some cold/flu thing going on. It all started over the weekend. But if my calculations are right...she started working here last Tuesday and I am sure this sickness has an incubation period that would have me getting sick on...oh, say, Saturday. Coinsidence? I think not!

And I just cant afford to have another thing go wrong. I mean, my doctor made me feel better by saying I am only really in harm if I am on steriods. But with the optic neuritis thing, it can come back at any time. Therefore, forcing me to go back on the steriods.

I guess what I am trying to say is...I have been with this company for almost 9 years, she has been here not even 9 days. That if she is going to become a physical threat to of has to leave.

And I dont feel it should be me.