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It's a hard habit to break...
Written at 9:28 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2003

In a conversation that I had with someone yesterday, they told me "That's a heavy load to carry if you dont have to". We were talking about grudges.

Actually, we were talking about me being mad at him and if that would last forever. I informed him that yes, I can hold a grudge forever. But it makes sense now.

Me holding a grudge against someone for extended periods of time hurts no one but me. And sometimes you have to let go of things, even when you dont want to. Because sometimes holding on hurts more. That rings true in many different circumstances. Its about learning to let go of things instead of letting them drag you down. It was getting to be a heavy load there.

So on a lighter side, I got a phone call last night from "MrTrojan". It was so good to hear from him. We were talking about school and how I have decided to go back this semester. Although, I am afraid because I have to get some Math courses out of the way. He said that he used to tutor Math and would help me. That would be great! We talked about meeting up soon for a drink or something. We both agreed...anywhere but "Cheers".

Life is pretty cool like that. Sometimes life puts you in the path of some really cool people. *wink*