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I said money, money changes everything
Written at 7:49 a.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2003

I layed here for a good 20 minutes contemplating whether I was going to go into work today or not.

I finally decided that I would. I really dont feel much better today than I did yesterday, but I cant afford a day off. I have already missed alot of time this week for my eye appt and leaving early yesterday. But this would be a full day's pay.

So I got up off my butt and jumped into the shower. When I got out, he still wasnt home. Which is unusual for him, but he's had alot going on lately with work. Just as I put my clothes on to get ready to head out, my cell phone rings. Its aunt/boss. She asked me how I was feeling. Then she told me that I sounded terrible. Then she told me to stay home another day.

Part of me was happy, because I really am not feeling that much better. But the other part of me is thinking...its no fun to stay home by yourself. Its like when you were a kid and wanted to stay home from school when you werent really that sick. And you get bored and go outside to play, but then you realize there is no one to play with...because everyone else is in school.

That's how I feel today. The lonely kid home from school with no one to play with. But you can bet that if I were getting paid for all those days I went to school, I would have went a hell of alot more than I did.

Damn it! I want someone to watch Ricki Lake with me.