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Written at 10:51 a.m. on Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2003

I should be at home...sleeping...resting...anything but this.

I thought I would put in some effort to go into work and maybe leave a little early. I dont think it will work. I should know after 9 yrs of working here, that I never have the balls to ask if I can leave early. And waiting for someone to offer to let me go home may be like waiting for...umm, well, lets just say I could be waiting a really long time.

And the worst part about him working nights is when he comes in at about 7 am and I am faced with the reality that I now have to get up out of my nice, warm bed and go to work. All the while knowing that he gets to climb into that warm spot that I created and sleep until his heart's content. That bites.