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I've never seen this kind of love, the kind that wont wash away and then leave you in the dark
Written at 5:53 p.m. on Sunday, Mar. 16, 2003

I cant even begin to explain the many ways that he takes my breath away.

We have basically spent the last 30 hours in bed. Sleeping mostly. And I didnt mind it. I just layed there with him and could feel nothing but happiness. Because I am happy.

Happy everytime he brushes the hair out of my face. Or when he gets something for himself and always comes back with an extra one for me. Or when he holds doors open for me. Or when he gives me beautiful cards "just because". Or when he forces himself to stay awake because he knows I want to spend time with him.

This is so much better than I thought it would be. I am not so scared anymore. And I think it was me finally listening to everyone who told me to stop harboring on all the past bad experiences and just enjoy the moment now. Because I am enjoying every minute of this.

And even now I am sitting here watching him sleep. Thinking to myself how lucky I am. Thinking how this weekend has just been perfect and I couldnt have asked for anything more.

We got up really early this morning and went and had breakfast. We sat there at the table looking over the sunday paper and pointing out the things in the advertisements that we want.

Then we headed over to the salon so I could get my nails done while he got a haircut. He always finishes well before I do, but he doesnt mind pulling up a chair and waiting for me.

Then we did some shopping. Its become a sunday afternoon ritual. He bought a vcr to put in the bedroom and a couple of dvd's. He also got me a cute little toe ring. It was cute...he tried to put it on my finger not realizing it was a toe ring.

So I think now I am going to go climb back in bed and allow myself to get wrapped up in him. Literally and figuratively speaking.