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Who let the dogs out...
Written at 8:53 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003

Just call me Pavlov.

I am starting a reconditioning experiment on my boyfriend. It should be interesting to see if it actually works.

See, I get so frustrated when I come home from work and he is in bed watching tv...and he stays there until he has to leave for work. That doesnt bother him. It bothers me. I cant just lay there for hours and do nothing.

And I dont know what it is that he does all day when he should be sleeping, because he sometimes (like last night) falls asleep while laying there. Thus leaving me to entertain myself for the only three hours a day we get to spend together before he leaves for work.

So I started DAY #1 of my experiment. When he fell asleep last night, I decided that I wasnt going to do what I normally do. Which is cook dinner and wake him up when its done. Nope, I just let him sleep.

He finally woke up about 30 mins before he had to leave. At about 5 mins before he left, I started cooking dinner...for myself.

So I am hoping that I can recondition him. But unlike Pavlov's dogs...some men arent that smart. (I said SOME, not all) I am sure he's thinking that I am some lazy bitch that just doesnt want to get up and make him something to eat. Well, when he is awake...he will get fed. My motto..."You sleep, you dont eat".

At first, I was going to take away sex, but that only punishes me and I am afraid that I dont have enough willpower to actually follow that one through.

But we'll see how this goes. (Crosses fingers)