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I never saw blue like that before, across the sky, around the world
Written at 10:01 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 06, 2003

Now I dont even know where to begin.

I am feeling a little bit better than I was the other day. Which isnt saying much. I sounded like a nut that day.

I have gotten a little more numb in my legs, but hopefully that will pass soon. Today I could really feel the difference. It was a little hard to stand for long lengths of time. It felt like my legs were being weighted down.

On the good side, I dont see anything on my back as of yet, so I am assuming I dont have shingles. Now I am left wondering what it is, because my back still burns. "MsMoHoney" thinks I just have an allergic reaction the new laundry detergent that "MrBigDaddy" bought. Could be. Hope so.

On the maternal front, my mother has been calling me alot. I think my phone call to her the other day really freaked her out. She calls me at work every couple of hours. I cant exactly say I'm not eating it up with a spoon. This is the closest that we have been in a long time.

One thing I did that I am happy about is I paid off one of my credit cards. I am determined to get them all paid off. One down, eleven more to go. I have way too many credit cards. It feels so good to get even that one taken care of.

What else? What else?

Oh, I got drunk dialed by "MrLightening". He called me up slurring his words and reciting his usual lines. I told him that I really need to just be his friend. He said if that is all I can give him, than he will take it. He still says "I love you" when we go to hang up. And I cant say it back. And I feel so bad about that. Tonight he didnt say it.

I feel like I am forgetting something...

Oh yeah, the other day (and this isnt some big important event), I saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was perfect. It was sunny out and dark clouds were rolling in fast, making the sky eight different shades of blue. And the mountains made a picturesque backdrop for it all.

I think I have covered it all.