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Cowboy take me this girl as high you can into the wild blue
Written at 4:05 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 01, 2003

So I called up "MrZingers" this morning and told him he had to take me out. And he did.

First, we went to the barber shop. I had never been to a "barber" shop before. I must say that it is very different than a many ways. The first thing I noticed was lack of estrogen in the place. I was the only female there. And probably the only one they've seen in there in a long time. The walls were a shrine to John Wayne with pictures of him and other cowboys all over. This place would have made a great cowboy bar if you took out the salon chairs and added bar stools.

As "MrZingers" was getting his hair cut, I was scrambling to find a magazine to read. All they had was For Him Magazine. A few pages in, I realized that this isnt the magazine I want to read. It was kinda like the male version of Cosmo except not quite so toned down. The article I read was about how to order your very own sex slave through mailorder.

Then I managed to bribe him into going to lunch with me to my favorite Indian restaurant. I dont know if he liked it, but the fact that he was willing to try it was great. That is alot farther than I have managed to get alot of my other friends. Most of them wont even consider it. They think of hot, spicy curry dishes and wont even try it. So "MrZingers" earned 1000 cool points with me today.

Then we thought we would terrorize the local Big Lots store. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. We had so much fun in the toy department. And I managed to get a really nice 2 ft long windchime to put on my patio and annoy all of my neighbors with.

And as a joke I tried on a flower headband that made me look like the Statue of Liberty. But when a cute guy walked by and told me that the headband made my outfit, yeah the headband got put in the shopping cart.

Ohh, and I bought a broom. Since "MsMoHoney" uses our broom as a "scepter to rule over all of Cat~land", I almost never see our house broom. So I bought one for myself. And the guy at the counter didnt find it funny when I tried to bend his stiffness (personality, that is) by saying that my car broke down and I needed an alternate ride home. He didnt even crack a little bit.

"MrLightening" called while we were shopping. He was in a funky mood. He kept asking me who I was with...and I would tell him...then two minutes later he would ask again. I think he was mad that I was out with someone other than him...and I was having fun. Not much I have to say about that.

So now I am just waiting for "MrBigDaddy" to get home so we can go out and do something fun together for the first time in over a month. If he doesnt, I may go crazy and commit Hari-kari. And no, I am not talking about those peace spreading, bald people that pass out flowers in the airports.