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In your head, in your head they are fighting, with their tanks and their bombs...
Written at 11:27 a.m. on Thursday, Mar. 20, 2003

I finally made it in to work this morning...only two hours late.

I was up early. About two hours early. When he got home this morning he was surprised that I was up and told me he picked up breakfast for us. Isnt he the greatest?

Just as I was about to leave, however, I stumbled into a little plumbing problem in my bathroom. Its always something in there...the shower, the toilet, something. So I waited forever for the maintenance people to get there.

I tried to watch tv, but there is nothing on that doesnt have to do with this war. And its just hard for me to watch right now. But its also hard not to watch.

I was still in high school, 10th grade I think, when Desert Storm happened. I dont remember much about it except yellow ribbons everywhere. When you are that age you are thinking about the boy who sits across from you in Math class, not war.

And its so very different when you know people that are over there in the middle of all of this. So young too. I havent really had a chance to talk to "MsMoHoney" (my roommate) to see how she is doing. Her brother is on one of the navy ships that are already over there. I can only imagine how she feels right now.

Its almost too hard to fathom any of this.