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It's been a hard days night...
Written at 10:19 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 24, 2003

I cant even begin to explain how painful last night was.

I thought it was going to be great having him there all night. I thought I was going to have this wonderful night, just the two of us together.

First, he fell asleep at around 6 pm. And me being a little drunk after having drank the whole bottle of wine by myself, decided I would go to bed as well.

Then, "Ms2inchman" called a little later to let me know she was at the gate already. She was coming to drop papers off for him regarding the car. Of course he didnt walk down to the gate to let her in...I did. I was still slightly drunk, stumbling down there in the dark.

When I got back up to the house, I started feeling really sick. And I think a hangover had set in by this point. So it was not a pretty sight. But the worse part was, by this point I was exhausted and wanted to sleep. But now he wanted to sit up and watch tv in bed.

Now dont get me wrong. I can lay there and fall asleep listening to the tv. More nights than not I fall asleep to it. But he likes to comment about things. What someone says, or how they are dressed, or anything. So I shot him my "Shut the hell up and let me sleep" look and he did.

But at about 3 am, it became a nightmare. He was asleep. And I was awake because I had went to bed so damn early. So there I was, at 3 am, all alone and feeling like I had been beaten over the head and poisoned. I couldnt tell what was bothering me head or my stomache.

So I turned the tv back on...only to find informercials on at 3 am. I tried to take a shower to see if that would make me feel better. Uhh, magic 8-ball says all signs point to NO! It was horrible. All I can say about that experience is...if one must throw up all over one's self, the shower is probably the best place to do it in.

When the alarm finally went off this morning, I was ready to throw it out the door. And wouldnt you know, he laughed at me. I asked him to please dont let me drink so much. He went on to explain that he always warns me, but I never choose to listen to him. Umm, yeah... that would be right. I think I will choose to listen next time.

And I think I broke the cat on my way out the door this morning. He kept following me around and constantly getting under my feet. So when I went back in the bedroom to get something, I stepped on him...really hard. He scurried under the bed and wouldnt come back out.

So yeah, this day has already started off great. I feel like shit, I hurt my cat...I wanna go home!